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Visionist Consulting is your trusted partner for Cloud platform solutions. With significant experience in migrating applications, data, and infrastructure to the Cloud, we help organisations unlock potentially substantial total cost of ownership, resiliency, scalability, and security benefits. Our comprehensive Cloud services are designed to ensure seamless transformation and optimal performance.

Our approach to cloud platforms

At Visionist, we prioritise Cloud interoperability and integration, making sure you get Cloud transformation right the first time. Our team of technical architects and engineers work alongside you to build and connect sustainable Cloud-native systems that thrive in the Cloud ecosystem.

Key elements of our approach

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Cloud-Native Software

Design and deploy Cloud-native solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Container Deployment

Efficiently manage and deploy containers across your Cloud environment.

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Serverless Platforms

Leverage the power of serverless architectures for enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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Landing Zones

Establish Cloud landing zones and virtual data centres for a smooth transition.

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Automation Orchestration

Automate processes for seamless operations and optimised resource utilisation.

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Continuous Integration/Deployment

Implement DevOps and DevSecOps-aligned software and platform engineering capabilities.

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Custom Microservices

Develop API-based solutions and custom microservices to streamline your operations.

Cloud Automation
and DevSecOps

Visionist helps you enable DevOps and DevSecOps-aligned capabilities, based on continuous integration/delivery principles. We collaborate closely with your in-house teams, transferring knowledge and coaching them to take ownership of operating and improving your services.

Service Offerings

Cloud Governance and Reporting

Implement structured governance and comprehensive
reporting for effective Cloud management.

Container Orchestration and Management

Streamline and manage containers effectively.

Cloud Integration Platforms

Seamlessly integrate your Cloud services.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategy

Develop a strategy that suits your hybrid and
multi-Cloud environment.

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Visionist follows agile development methodologies to deliver value quickly. We produce concrete solutions rapidly, gather user feedback, and iterate until the product meets user needs. Our incremental and rapid cycle approach to platform development and migration aligns with best practices in both private and public sectors. 

Quality Assurance

We embed quality assurance and testing from day one, ensuring any faults are caught early to save time and money.

Continuous Integration and
Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Our approach automates key stages of the development lifecycle, from building code and running tests to deploying applications in production environments. 

Regular Pen Testing

Annual penetration tests in compliance with the National Cyber Security Centre’s CHECK scheme. Our skilled security experts perform in-depth testing to identify and address vulnerabilities in your systems, networks, and applications. 


Our experienced teams work collaboratively with clients to break projects into manageable iterations, delivering incremental improvements and value at every stage. 

Visionist is a leading partner with major Cloud service providers, including
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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