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Visionist Consulting is your trusted partner in cyber security. We specialise in delivering secure, resilient cyber and information services to keep your systems and data safe. Our expert cyber security consultancy services help you mitigate risks and vulnerabilities from cyber-attacks by developing a tailored security solution that suits your unique needs.

Key elements of our approach

At Visionist, we believe in building robust security infrastructures with effective monitoring and controls at multiple levels. This approach safeguards your Cloud, IT, and IoT services, and minimises the potential impact in the event of an unwarranted breach.

Key elements of our approach

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Tailored Security Roadmap

We create a comprehensive security roadmap that aligns with your business objectives.

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Identity Management

We build identity management programmes to bolster threat management processes.

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Prevention, Detection, & Response

Our services establish advanced prevention, detection, and response capabilities to combat cyber-attacks.

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Security Awareness Training

We offer bespoke security awareness training for all employees, tailored to your specific needs.

Ethical Phishing Campaigns

Our ethical phishing campai gns are tailored to your requirements and designed to enhance
organisational resilience against phishing attacks. This Cloud-based service is highly
effective at combatting email and cyber threats, providing comprehensive reporting that
demonstrates improved cyber security awareness and a strong return on investment (ROI).

Campaign Features

Bespoke Campaigns

Mimicking real cyber threats, our campaigns deliver targeted email, smishing, vishing, and red teaming scenarios.

Real-Time Reporting

Gain access to comprehensive real-time reporting and metrics for your campaigns.

Tailored Threat and Risk

Our campaigns offer tailored threat
and risk assessments for your

Cloud-Based Learning

Real-time awareness learning is
delivered via our Cloud-based platform
with multiple learning formats.

Device and Staff Vulnerability

Evaluate the vulnerability and
susceptibility of your user devices
and staff

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Service Benefits

Enhanced Employee Awareness

Educate employees on the risks and
impact of phishing.

Reduced Risk Exposure

Minimise risks from phishing, social
engineering, and ransomware attacks.

Protect Sensitive Data

Safeguard sensitive data and intellectual
property from potential loss.

Prevent Financial Loss

Reduce exposure to CEO fraud
and financial loss

Identify Organisational

Detect your organisation’s susceptibility
to cyber-attacks and threats.

Demonstrable Metrics

Access metrics that provide
evidence of behavioural
improvement and risk reduction.

Long-Lasting Change

Achieve proven and lasting behavioural
changes in staff.

Strong ROI

Benefit from a strong return
on investment.

Increased Executive Awareness

Educate executives on whaling and
spear phishing attacks.

Visionist is ISO 27001-accredited and holds Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 9001 certifications. We align our services with the National Cyber Security Centre’s frameworks to ensure comprehensive security and compliance.

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