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At Visionist Consulting, our multidisciplinary teams work with you to streamline and optimise your data migration process. We understand the importance of creating shared platforms, components, and reusable business capabilities. By collaborating with you, we aim to minimise data collection and duplication during any migration program, ensuring a consistent user experience and improved data sharing via APIs. 

Tailored Data Migration Solutions

Our agile, collaborative working style allows us to identify challenges quickly and develop data science and business intelligence capabilities. We support all types of projects with specialist data migration services, helping you navigate the complexities of data migration to the Cloud.

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Key services include

Storage Migration

Move data from existing storage arrays to modern ones for faster performance, cost-effective scaling, and enhanced data management features such as cloning, snapshots, backup, and disaster recovery.

Database Migration

Migrate databases between platforms (Oracle, Microsoft SQ, MongoD, IBM DB2, MySQL) or between major versions and compatible products.

Business Process Migration

Transition business logic, rules, and processes typically embedded in stored procedures to the business layer

Application Migration

Move applications from one environment to another, whether from an on-premises data centre to the Cloud, between Clouds, or by transferring data to a new application hosted by a software provider.

Cloud Migration

 Transfer data, applications, or business elements from on-premises data centres to the Cloud, or between different Cloud environments. This often includes storage migration.


Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live aligned with GDS/WCAG 2.2 Standards

Process design, architecture, development, and deployment

Specialists in AWS, GCP, and Azure migration

Cloud and data centre optimisation and migration

Data, application, and service migration to SaaS offerings

Secure systems integration, interim infrastructure development, and integration planning

Repeatable processes to map source and destination structures and processes

Data strategy, reference architecture, and governance

Automated processes for data migration and data testing

End-to-end migration/performance testing, including business process testing

Service Benefits

Collaborate with internal teams to develop capabilities
High emphasis on security,
governance, and compliance
(secure by design)
Improved service quality and reduced operational costs
Knowledge of GDS Technology
Code of Practice and Cloud
First Strategy
Outcome and deliverable-based approach to ensure business benefits
Clean and de-duplicate data pre-migration and improve during the process
Migrate from legacy systems, reducing costly legacy hosting
End-to-end data transformation and regulatory compliance (i.e., GDPR)
Accessible services
for everyone

Case Study

Transforming the Department
for International Trade

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