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Welcome to Visionist Consulting, where we transform the digital
platforms, capabilities, and processes for government departments,
businesses, and not-for-profits. We specialise in guiding organisations toward achieving their business goals through strategic leadership and digital innovation. Explore our diverse range of services designed to enhance your digital journey.

Our Services

Zero Trust Desktop as a Service
/ Zero Trust Architecture

Our Zero Trust approach ensures secure
and resilient desktop environments,
leveraging advanced strategies for
seamless and secure access control.
We provide secure, cost-effective, and
high-performing solutions.

Cloud Platforms and Hosting

With over 20 years of experience, we excel in cloud platforms and hosting, providing rapid assessments and migration strategies tailored to your needs. From procurement to full project planning, we ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security consultancy helps mitigate risks and vulnerabilities from cyber-attacks. We offer tailored security roadmaps, effective monitoring, controls, and employee training to enhance your security posture

Data Migration

Visionist’s agile approach enables seamless data migration, offering discovery, architecture, development, and deployment aligned with industry standards. We optimise storage, manage databases, and ensure a smooth transition to new environments

Digital Transformation

As transformation experts, we guide
organisations through digital innovation,
helping you create a culture of constant
evolution and data-driven


Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy services focus on creating human-centric customer experiences. We assist in shaping your digital vision, aligning it with your business goals, and leveraging data for strategic insights. 

Service Design and
User Research

Our user-centred approach ensures your services meet real user needs. We focus on research, testing, and continuous improvement to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

IT Managed Services

Our managed services ensure the smooth operation and optimisation of your IT infrastructure. We deliver proactive support and continuous improvement to keep your systems running efficiently.

Cloud-based Asset
Tracking and Monitoring

Our cloud-based solutions offer real-time tracking and monitoring of your assets. Experience total visibility and control, reducing operational costs and enhancing asset protection.

About Visionist Consulting

Visionist Consulting is a growing business dedicated to being a force for good in our community. Our commitment extends beyond excellence in digital services to responsible corporate behaviour and sustainable impact


Our team brings extensive experience and industry-recognised best practices across all service areas.

Agile Approach

We use Agile methodology for development and deployment, ensuring a seamless experience.


Our team brings extensive experience and industry-recognised best practices across all service areas.


We prioritise inclusive and accessible services, with a strong focus on assisting users of adaptive technologies.

Continuous Improvement

Through detailed analysis and feedback, we constantly strive to enhance our processes and performance.

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