Visionist is a G-Cloud 13 Crown Commercial Services Supplier

Nov 9, 2022

Visionist is an approved supplier in the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

Visionist has once again renewed its position as an approved supplier on the G-Cloud 13 UK government procurement list.

Visionist’s mission to be the preferred supplier of choice in the UK’s public digital space received another boost recently with its successful listing as a Crown Commercial Services supplier on the UK government’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

The G-Cloud 13 procurement database helps all public sector organisations, including agencies and quangos (quasi-autonomous NGOs), find government-approved cloud technology and specialist services for digital projects. It provides a simple route to market for SMEs to engage with public sector departments.

“We are happy to cement our position for another year for public sector organisations to take advantage of our industry-leading cloud-based services,” said Visionist Chief Technology Officer David Miller.

“We look forward to helping public organisations around the country realise greater efficiencies and cost-savings through our innovative and tailored technology solutions.”

Visionist is helping senior leaders across government plan and deliver some of the boldest transformational programmes required yet to modernise the UK’s public services.

Government clients have included the Departments for Business and Trade, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, Energy & Climate Change, and Education; the Ministry of Defence and Home Office; and The Oil & Gas Authority, Office of Communications(Ofcom), HM Revenue & Customs, Innovate UK and the NHS.

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Visionist’s services available through the framework include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Design and Integration Support
  • Automated and Synchronised Employee Information AI Bot
  • Automated Business Proces and Decision Making
  • Automated Workflow Service Integration
  • Build Integrate Test GDS
  • Business Process Improvement (BPI)
  • Business Rules Decision Automation 
  • Cloud-based Fever Monitoring
  • Cloud-based Asset Monitoring, Tracking, Surveillance and Recovery
  • Cloud Hosting Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Hosting Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Commercial Procurement Support
  • Complete Comprehensive Hospital Information System
  • Correspondence Tracking System
  • Data Migration GDS
  • Desktop End User Compute
  • Device Management
  • DevOps – Exploiting Transition, Transformation, Opportunities of Cloud Services
  • Digital Hub and Centre of Excellence Services
  • Digital Transformation Change Management
  • Document and Records Management – Transition to Cloud Services
  • End-to-end Cloud Technology Transition, Transformation and Implementation
  • End-User Device Build Service
  • Enterprise Architecture and Solutions Design for the Cloud
  • Enterprise Service Bus API Management
  • Ethical Phishing Campaign
  • FastPass Password Reset Self-Service
  • Forensic Analysis
  • HIT Integrated Platform
  • IDAM Single Sign On (SSO) Design Integration Support
  • Identity, Security, Compliance, Risk Associated with GDPR-Related Data
  • Identity Management SSO and 2FA Software Licence and Deployment Service
  • IT Governance for Cloud Services
  • JAVA Middleware
  • Knowledge Information Management Strategy
  • Legacy Operating Systems Upgrade to Windows 10
  • Legacy Application Management and Reachback
  • Line of Business Applications Migration
  • Low Code Configure Not Code
  • Microsoft Office 365 Productivity, Design, Transition and Support Services
  • Microsoft Compliance Centre Support and eDiscovery
  • Microsoft Power Platform Design Integration and Support
  • Microsoft Teams Design, Delivery and Operational Support
  • NET Python PHP Ruby – Cloud DevOps
  • Network Operation Support (SDWAN and Zero Trust)
  • OKTA SSO and Identity Management Software License and Deployment Service
  • OKTA SSO IDAM and MFA Deployment Service
  • Patient Care Platform – Fever Detection and Monitoring
  • Process and Workflow Automation with PowerAutomate, PowerApps, PowerBI
  • Protective Monitoring, Design and Review of Cloud Services
  • PSN Gateway, Legacy Application and Reachback Securely Via the Internet
  • Requirement Definition
  • Ruby PHP Python .NET C# Power Platform Flutter Ionic Angular Java Scala Development
  • Secure Cloud Hosting (Application Layer Security)
  • Security Design and Assurance
  • Security Exposure Assessment
  • Security Review of Cloud Services
  • Service Design Assurance and Governance
  • Service Desk-as-a-Service
  • Service Management of Cloud Services
  • ServiceOps
  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance
  • Smart Building Service
  • Specification Design of GDS Compliant Services
  • Teams, Skype for Business Design, Integration, Support and Transition
  • Telephony Infrastructure and Video Conference Transition to Cloud Unified Communications Services
  • Telephony Migration
  • Test Automation Tools for Cloud Services
  • Test Strategy and Management for Cloud Services
  • Training and Comms
  • Ultra Care – Call Off Support
  • Unified Communications, Collaboration, Strategy Definition, Delivery and Support
  • Zero Trust Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Zero Trust Secure Cloud Hosting with ZScaler ZPA Application Layer Security
  • ZScaler Deployment and Filtering Services
  • ZScaler ZIA ZPA-Z-App Software License and Deployment Service