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Strategy Services

Visionist Consulting’s Digital Strategy services help organisations transform into modern, user-centred, Cloud-based entities prepared for the digital age. We use a comprehensive approach that combines innovative techniques and methodologies to guide your journey toward a flexible and responsive future.


Our team works in partnership with you to understand your aspirations and goals. By considering different perspectives such as design, data, ethics, finance, and the environment, we identify your current situation and the changes you want to achieve. We then leverage our extensive experience with public sector organisations to put actionable steps in place.

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Current State Analysis

Detailed assessment of your
existing systems and processes.

Future State Design

Developing a target operating
model and planning your transition.

Communication and Training

Ensuring smooth transitions with
clear and concise user

Implementation Support

Providing hands-on support for
seamless integration.


Our Digital Strategy services encompass a wide range of capabilities designed to help you navigate your digital transformation journey:

Application Delivery
& Deployment

Smooth integration and
rollout of applications.

Professional Service
for EU Exit

Supporting organisations
through Brexit-related

Business Analysis

Deep insights into your
current business state.

Management & Delivery

Expert oversight and
coordination of your
transformation projects.

Senior Stakeholder

Fostering collaboration and buy-in from key decision-makers.

ICT Transition

Seamless transition and transformation of ICT services.

Business Change

Strategic guidance through
organisational shifts.


Our Digital Strategy services encompass a wide range of capabilities designed to help you navigate your digital transformation journey:

Managed Change

Expert guidance through transitions and transformations.

Fully Engaged

Secure buy-in from senior leaders for successful transformation.

Mapped Business

Clear understanding of your operations for effective planning.

Defined Target
Operating Model

Clear direction for achieving your desired outcomes.

Rapid Application

Fast and efficient deployment of new applications.

Cloud Services

Seamless transition to Cloud-based solutions.

Strategic & Governance

Ensuring your projects align with your broader objectives.


With over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering Cloud-hosted systems, Visionist Consulting provides rapid assessments of your current hosting strategy. We quickly identify deployable service improvement opportunities and engage with senior stakeholders to understand your goals. 

Our team provides a high-level requirements specification for services, appropriate migration strategies, and a shortlist of potential suppliers. We manage the evaluation process and recommend the best technology and procurement routes for your needs.

Visionist Consulting offers operational service support, from initial triage to fourth-line problem-solving and fault resolution. We manage your suppliers according to agreed SLAs and provide both on-site and remote support. We are independent and vendor-neutral, allowing us to support any Cloud software service. 

Our regular service management reports highlight key risks, issues, and service improvements. We take ownership of any challenges and work closely with you to deliver effective solutions.


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