Logistics Management and Tracking

Digital Transformation Solutions for the Logistics Sector

Delivering Solutions

Visionist Consulting specialises in the delivery of secure, cloud-based logistics management services which provide real-time transport shipping analyses. With our extensible platform, we can interface with existing systems via APIs or provide the end-to-end life cycle; from the creation of a waybill, through to registration with local port authorities and customs declarations. Our service either integrates with ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) services via APIs or we will design and deliver an entire service for greenfield sites.

Simple Integration

When our service is deployed in conjunction with the Orion global radio network, you will have access to real time Asset Audit and Visibility. Our innovative solution is quick to install and simple to integrate into your existing systems or as a standalone. This will furnish you with a full range of logistics management, including Asset Protection, Monitoring, Tracking, Recovery and Security Solutions.

Total Visibility, Total Control

Visionist Consulting can provide total visibility and control, provided by real-time asset location and status data, which will dramatically reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies. Our technology can be expanded with ease to cover any number of “sensors”, including real-time data temperature, location, pressure, tilt, gas, movement, moisture, toxicity and more.

Your Business, Your Solution

Our flexible and rapid pace of delivery enables you to achieve the business outcomes you need, by deciding what kind of services will fit your organisation and budget. By instituting control on depots and inventory management, with the option of digital proof of delivery and the ability to protect cargo and staff, the Orion Network can secure your facility with a Daily Global audit.

When deployed at sea, an Orion gateway can cover the entire ship and its contents.

When linked to an Inmarsat service it can provide real time global tracking.

Your Benefits

Access control on depots and inventory management

Digitalised proof of delivery

Protect valuable cargo and staff operating alone.

Allow you to retrieve and recover lost or stolen cargo.

Reverse Logistics, help retrieve pallets and other empty storage containers.

Enhanced asset visibility, daily global audit.

Existing Clients

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