Zero Trust Desktop as a Service & End User Compute Services

Visionist Consulting offers a comprehensive Zero Trust Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that is designed, delivered, and supported by our team with considerable experience in end-user compute services (EUCS). We have over 15 years of experience in EUCS to government departments, and for the last 6 years we have served more than 16,000 government users with a seamless transition to Cloud-based services.

Our services include migrating organisations and their users from legacy systems to modern EUCS on Zero Trust SaaS platforms, all while maintaining business continuity and minimising disruption. Our consistent performance and focus on continuous improvement allow us to enhance services, unlock productivity, and deliver efficiencies for our customers. 

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Key Features

Solution Architecture
and Design

Our experienced team designs and delivers innovative EUCS tailored to meet your unique needs, offering the flexibility and structural organisation your business requires.

Service and Infrastructure
Design and Assurance

We ensure robust and reliable infrastructure, providing seamless connectivity and integration with your existing systems.

Device Lifecycle

From procurement to decommissioning, we handle all aspects of device lifecycle management to maintain optimal performance.

Network Provision
and Support

We provide secure, reliable network solutions and support to ensure seamless access and connectivity.

Identity and Access

Our expertise ensures secure user access and identity management, safeguarding your data and operations.

Reach Back

We enable secure access to legacy Public Services Network (PSN)-hosted services, allowing you to maintain critical connections.

Cloud Hosting Platform Design,
Build, and Support

Visionist designs and supports Cloud
hosting platforms, ensuring scalability
and performance.

Systems Integration

We facilitate seamless integration between systems, optimising workflows and improving productivity.

Unified Communications

Our solutions support efficient communication across various platforms, enhancing collaboration and user engagement.

Managed Print Solutions

Visionist provides efficient, secure, and cost-effective managed print solutions.

Security and Performance

We continuously monitor systems for security and performance, ensuring a safe and optimised environment.

Data Migration and

Our team manages smooth data migrations and Machinery of Government change implementation,
minimising disruption.

Case Study

Transforming the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero

Comprehensive User Support

Visionist Consulting goes beyond delivering solutions by providing comprehensive user support, including training, familiarisation, and cultural orientation for the smooth adoption of new technologies. Our team offers:

Exceptional Troubleshooting

Rapidly resolving technical issues to
ensure minimal downtime and disruption.

User Engagement and Training

Educating users on how to best utilise their tools for enhanced productivity.

Continuous Improvement

We continually assess and improve our services to better serve our clients.

With our commitment to quality, flexibility, and customer satisfaction, Visionist Consulting’s Zero Trust Desktop as a Service offers a secure and scalable solution tailored to your organisation’s needs. Let us help you optimise your operations and unlock new levels of productivity.

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